A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Movement - WASD

Access Inventory - 1, 2

Cancel Throw - E

Description: Liberation is an isometric stealth-adventure game in which players must explore their environment, use various tools, move stealthily, and free their brethren in order to complete each level. This game chronicles the story of a prisoner of war sold into slavery, male African named Nyeusi Ngurumo and female African named Tulipe Pulpeuse in early 19th century America as they attempt to acquire their freedom. As a slave, you have witnessed the abrupt death of your partner at the hands of slave traders. After your escape, you will run, hide, and fight your way to freedom. Players will have a variety of approaches to choose from to complete each level. You will acquire several different tools such as, pistols, rope, rocks, bottles, and everyday items in order to overcome obstacles you will face. The decisions you make will affect the sanity and credibility of your character. Your credibility can be positively affected by actions, such as sparing an enemy, and negatively affected by other actions, such as failing to save a slave or killing unnecessarily. Depending on the credibility of your character, slaves may decide to join you or run away in fear. Your sanity will degrade if you needlessly kill and murder and be strengthened or repaired through honorable actions. Both systems have a direct impact on gameplay and your character. In this isometric stealth-adventure game, live in the shoes of an African slave seeking freedom for yourself and your enslaved brethren 19th century America


Lead Game Designer - Bryson Harston

Lead Programmer - John Costa https://mr-feesh.itch.io/

Project Manager - Gillian Buckelew https://gillianbuckelew.itch.io/

Lead Level Designer - Diego Ochoa https://diego-ochoa.itch.io/

Level Designer - Camron Miles https://camronm.itch.io/

Sound Designer/Composer - Mica Alexander https://mica-alexander.itch.io/

3D Artist/Animation - Manuel Sheller  https://www.linkedin.com/in/manuel-scheller-669b15148/ 

Install instructions

Download the zip, decompress the file, and enjoy!


Liberation Windows Demo.zip 765 MB
Liberation Mac Demo.zip 796 MB


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Super proud of everything y'all have accomplished. Good luck at university and in your future careers!